FUTTrader Beta

Introducing our newest, simplest and safest autobuyer!


A Fresh and Modern new app!


Simple to start, Easy to use!


It does ONE thing & it does it WELL!

What is FUTTrader and WHY did we make it?

FUTTrader is our newest Autobuyer bot that JUST WORKS!

It’s does one ONE thing and it does it well: Trade Cards & Make Coins! Automatically.

We’ve built it using the latest technology and is our SAFEST Autobuyer yet!

Players have been struggling with risky autobuyers and fearing quick bans this recent season, so we decided to do something about it.

This bot is designed to do the absolute most important thing you need and in the same time be as SAFE as it possibly can be with the current FIFA platform.

FUTTrader helps you focus on making TONS of coins!

The autobuyer handles 100% of the heavy lifting

Introducing FUTTrader Beta

FUTTrader is simple and easy to setup, it works by installing it on your Windows platform then logging in using your EA username and password and setting up your first trade parameters.

And then it goes to work to bring you the most profit without ever having to grind for coins or buy FIFA Points ever again. This way whether you are working or at school it’s collecting coins and trading automatically for you.

The only job you have is finding good cards to trade at the right time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FUTTrader work on my device?

FUTTrader is a Windows Application for now. We’re working hard to bringing it to other platforms as well. For now you simply Download & Install it and let it run to make you coins easily!

How Much Coins Can I Make Per Day?

With FUTTrader you can easily make up to 100,000 Coins per day or more with virtually NO effort whatsoever. Our autobuyer does all the trading for you so you can just play the game.

What Plan is FUTTrader Available With?

We made FUTTrader available on every plan! Since it’s a highly focused app and only does one thing (one account, one trading action, one trading queue at a time), we made it available on all our plans without exception!

In case you only want to make coins and you don’t need any more advanced features, we recommend using our most affordable Bronze Plan to use FUTTrader with.

What's the Difference Between FUTTrader and FUTDroid?

FUTTrader was created with one mission only: buy and sell player cards and make you great profits! We keep it simple so it’s easy to keep it SAFE!
FUTTrader is not a replacement for FUTDroid. You will still have access to FUTDroid and all the dozens of features it has. FUTDroid is much more advanced and smart, but in the same time just now that FUTDroid is more risky to run and more likely to be caught and banned from the transfer market.
You wanna make a TON of coins? Use FUTTrader. You need more advanced features, there’s FUTDroid.

Do I need access to the Transfer Market with FUTTrader?

Yes, you do! Same as most autobuyers, you need to have your Transfer Market access already unlocked in order to use FUTTrader. If you have a new account, just keep playing games on your console until your access is unlocked for the Transfer Market.

How Does FUTTrader Work?

We worked for months to develop FUTTrader and we are confident that it’s SAFE to use and it works well! We have yet to hear of a user who got banned because of it!

FUTTrader works by accessing FUT through the Web App gateway, like most other autobuyers. It does to seamlessly and it does exactly the same things you would do when you trade manually, except it’s all automatic and much more efficient!

Is There a Risk of Getting My Account Banned?

Autobuyers and bots are not respecting all the rules of the game, and thus always come with an added risk. We developed FUTTrader with the latest knowledge and technology and we are VERY confident of its safety. However, there is always a certain risk factor with any kind of program.
We highly recommend using a secondary account with any bots, thus keeping your main account safe.

How Safe Is My Account?

Botting accounts will always come with a certain risk factor, that’s no secret. EA has stepped up their game in detecting botters lately. FUTTrader is our response in stepping up our game to build even better autobuyers that don’t get caught!
Remember to keep your main account safe by using a secondary account to bot with.

We are constantly updating and keeping up with the latest FIFA updates so you have less to worry about and enjoy more earnings.

Can I Get a Refund if My Account Gets Banned?

Based on our Terms of Service we can’t give refunds for something we’re not in control of.

You pay for a license to use the software and we give you full control over the settings of the bot. If you abuse them and get caught you might have to suffer the consequences.

You can stop your subscription and we can grant you the days you couldn’t use once you have a new account to trade with.

What if I have other questions?

Our Expert Traders and Support Team are always on standby waiting to provide you with the answers to any questions you may have in regards to trading and earning coins. Plus our Customer Support is Top-Notch and will work with you to get anything resolved.