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  • Learn Which Squad Building Challenges Produce the Best Results for Making Coins
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Avoid losing games because of a weak team!

While you watch other gamers win with their Dream Teams

Losing games is frustrating. But it’s NOT your fault!

You KNOW it’s not your lack of skill causing you to lose games!

You understand the real reason you are losing games is because of the weak team you currently have. 

Why continue to be frustrated with your weak team?

Why be jealous of gamers who are building dream teams and easily winning games when you can learn how to make lots of coins to build even better teams and beat them?

Why miss out on the joy of being able to use Icon players, Team of the Year players, and Team of the Season players that are known to be massively overpowered (but insanely expensive)?

Why let boredom creep in as you play with the same old weak team?

The truth is that the lack of coins in your club is what is stopping you from winning games.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Discover the easy way to generate coins in the transfer market to easily build your dream team!

Of course, you don’t have to take the easy approach of learning the shortcuts in the Botting Secrets to 100K A Day Blueprint.

Instead, you can try to do this all on your own by…
  • Spending ENDLESS HOURS going through Twitch and YouTube videos to learn how to trade
  • Trying to figure out which videos provide quality information and which provide bad or useless information
  • Learning the hard way that sometimes the information that is shared does not work anymore
  • Discovering that none of this information explains how the transfer market works in layman terms
  • And after all this time, still not having a proven blueprint on what to focus on each day

Or you can just save all that time and hassle and buy our blueprint that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Easily 30x your coins and build your Dream Team!

Stop stressing out trying to figure all of this out on your own

Quickly build the dream team of top players that will allow you to enjoy playing and winning!

Learn how to easily leverage FUTDroid to generate hundreds of thousands of coins on autopilot so you can enjoy playing FIFA for FIFA instead of endlessly grinding for coins

Discover how to most efficiently earn coins while you are working, sleeping or hanging out with your mates

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Frequently Asked Questions

- Who Created This Powerful Blueprint?

We are a group of FUT Trading Experts that came together to create this guide after working with hundreds of users to create a TON of coins, enabling them to build their dream teams and dominate the weekend league.

We are a friendly community that loves to help each other out. It is important to us that members of our community are empowered to build their dream teams!

- What Makes This Community Different?

  • We provide our members with world-class customer support on Discord 
  • We deliver a top-quality experience for our users
  • We help and empower our users as much as we can
  • We have fun and build relationships with our users
  • We help our users quickly create their dream teams

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